Spending time with the parents...

As I write this post I'm sitting in my old bedroom from when I used to live with my parents, looking outside and watching the rain. Some things have changed over the years since I moved out, others have not. My old bedroom has definitely changed, it having been repurposed as a guest room of sorts, with different wallpaper and a new bed. Not that I'm complaining obviously, the bed is quite comfortable.

Yesterday I went fishing with my parents and my two adorable nieces (one being 3 and a half, the other being 5) plus a family friend, thankfully the weather held out, even though the sea was a little on the rough side.

I had quite a good run of luck, catching 3 fish within the first 20 minutes, my father catching one fish (which was undersized so he had to throw it back) and, much to our surprise, a baby shark! Naturally that went back into the sea.

By the time we had to return to the dock (otherwise we risked being stuck out in the harbour if we missed low tide) we had caught a grand total of 12 fish, with a few larger fish as well that had got away. Me personally, I lost 3 fishing hooks due to large fish that were too big for the line I was using.

After I return home tomorrow or the day after, finishing packing my gear will be my top priority since the landlord wants to show my room to some prospective tenants and I have to move out on Saturday, so time is steadily running out.

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