3 weeks to go...

Well, as of tomorrow I will have exactly THREE WEEKS until I am due to start my new semester at University doing my Diploma in Japanese. At present I don't know what to feel, I feel anticipation, nervousness, excitement, the entire gamut of emotions. I'm going to try my very best though and give it 110%.

That being said, I also have 13 days left until I shift out of my current place and move into my new accomodations while I will be studying at university, I had to shift to a lower-cost accomodation that is more suited to a student, the room is quite a bit smaller, but it is a good $70 a week cheaper, which will go towards covering bills and transport costs for the bus to and from the university 4 days a week (around $25 a week, give or take.)

The biggest chore for me at present is working out what I do and don't want to take with me to my new accomodation, naturally with space being so limited, I have to pack up a LOT of my stuff, my parents are willing to let me store it (as I think I mentioned in an earlier blog entry), pretty much all my animes and mangas have gone into storage, though I'm keeping most of my movies and games out for recreational/socialising purposes with the 'flatmates' at my new place.

I've been spending a fair bit of my free time as of late in a text-based MUD (Multi-user-dungeon) called Lusternia when I am not job hunting or packing up my junk, it's actually a breath of fresh air from games that are so heavily based around "ultra-high-quality" graphics, nothing can substitute simply using your imagination. I'd recommend checking it out, it is free to play, however there is the option to buy "credits" to purchase lessons and artifacts to make your adventurer stronger, though these are definitely not compulsory, plus there's plenty of in-game methods available to earn credits, be it through achievements or entering contests. *end cheap plug*

Anyhow, it's going on 10pm as I write this line, so I think I'll wrap it up here and go organise some dinner! Take care out there!

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