Words can't describe my RAGE...

Ugh... some people out there just... just... UGH! Words simply can not describe how ENRAGED I am right now!!

I have a friend over in Japan, one of the kindest, sweetest, most hardworking girls that I know, and I am proud to be able to call her my friend. She has achieved a lot over the past year or two, including a couple of things I personally am quite envious of, I have no problems admitting it, but one person out there has managed to take her heart and pretty much shatter it into tiny, tiny pieces, someone who she was incredibly close to and hoped to marry.

It turns out that the man no... he doesn't qualify as a man... person no, that's not right either... TRASH - that's it... that she had been seeing, had been living with, he had been cheating on her with SEVERAL women at the same time - looks like someone was hoping to have his own little harem.

My friend found out and confronted him about it, however from the sounds of his attitude, he had responded as if SHE was the one that had wronged, not him and has basically told her to get out of HIS apartment, not only that, but he apparently threatened to "tell on her" to one of her old employers - which in and of itself is a ridiculous notion - why would he care about something like that? - if she approached any of his other 'girlfriends'. Personally I think this is a scare tactic, he likely has them on the same string that he had my friend on and they probably think that he is devoted to only them. I feel sorry for the other ladies if only because they are destined to have their hearts broken just like my friend did.

If it were not for the fact that I live in tiny little New Zealand and that I am currently a broke student, I would get on the next plane to Japan with the exclusive purpose of beating the CRUD out of this scumbag for hurting one of my friends. I tend to be quiet at times, but I am VERY protective of those close to me. If you hurt a friend or a loved one of mine, your ass is going DOWN.

I hope those of you out there that read this will keep my friend in your thoughts and prayers, she is a great girl and more than deserves them and I hope that once she has had time to get over this and had time for her heart to heal that she will find the guy that will give her the love and respect that she deserves but did not get from him.

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