Bleh, I really need to use this more...

It's been almost FOUR MONTHS since I last updated this thing. I'm terrible when it comes to maintaining journals >_<

Well, the end of the journey is in sight, my final semester has started and assuming I pass all my papers, I will be able to graduate this coming July. On top of that, I've applied for an internship in the USA which I hope to find out if I've been accepted by mid-april, if I DO get accepted, I will be starting in August and working for anywhere between 6-12 months depending on the role. While I'm not holding my breath over it because competition will be very fierce, I'm remaining cautiously optimistic. I'd love the opportunity to work in the States for a decent length of time, it's not exactly easy to get a visa and get work over there.

I'll make a more indepth update later, but just letting everyone know I haven't gone and disappeared off the face of the earth.

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