Back to University

Well, as of Monday, the new semester started, things have certainly gotten off to a fairly busy start between my lectures and my part time jobs, I'm determined to give my utmost though with less than 18 months left until I qualify for graduation, assuming that I pass all my papers between now and June next year.

The big question is what I will do once I have finished my course. I'm planning to go back into the workforce for at least a little while to get a little money saved up, then depending on how strongly I still feel about it, I may go back and convert my minor in Psychology into a Diploma in Psychology further down the track. The biggest thing in my mind however is that due to a few issues, it looks like it may be unlikely that Natalie will be able to get to NZ at the end of this year like we were hoping - naturally we don't want to leave things too long, while we have been keeping in regular contact, a healthy relationship needs face-to-face interaction to survive. To that end, if she has not made it to New Zealand by the time I finish my course in June next year, I am strongly considering doing an overseas trip to the United States to be with her until she is ready to travel back to New Zealand (which hopefully will not be too lengthy a timeframe, Natalie has already expressed interest in wanting to shift to NZ long term, it is more a matter of financial and academic restraints at this point)

I am determined to remain optimistic though, I made a promise to Natalie that things would work out and I'm going to do my very best to make sure that I keep my word, one way or another. :-)

Anyhow, this is going to be a fairly short entry, it has been a long day and I have another long day tomorrow, I will make another entry later, probably during the weekend.

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