Fastwrite: Adventure in Flight

This fastwrite was done using a rather unusual method - I had a group of people on a messageboard I frequent each give me one element of a story to work with, then once I had the 5 main elements, I had to do a fastwrite with the material I had been given.

These were the elements given to me:

Setting: An air plane.

Main Character Alexis Ducherov, anti-hero

Secondary character/antagonist: a 7 year old girl

Cause of conflict: The girl's favorite doll has somehow gotten into Alex's carry on bag.

Major event to occur in the story:The airplane goes through turbulence and completely ruins a dramatic part of the story due to everyone being thrown around

And here is the story! This is just a first draft, so I am aware there may be grammatical errors.

Alexis gave an impatient sigh as she gave her ticket to the flight attendent, shifting from one foot to the other. She had been awake for the better part of 36 hours and wanted to get to her seat so that she could relax and have a drink.

From behind her she heard a young voice “I'm sure I brought it with me... where has it gone? I can't leave without it...” Turning around, she saw a young girl, not more than seven years old, rummaging through a bag, on the verge of tears. Alexis gave a silent prayer that the young girl would not be seated too close to her, the last thing she needed was to have to deal with a noisy child on top of everything else.

Much to her irritation, as she got to her seat, she noticed the young girl taking a seat in the row directly behind her, still looking through her belongings. She turned to look at the girl, saying as patiently as she could manage 'What are you looking for?” The young girl looked up, tears visible in the corners of her eyes, saying “A doll, it was a gift from my grandmother...”

Alexis was a little surprised at the mature sound of the girls voice, while it was presumptuous of her, it seemed the young girl was intelligent and mature beyond her years, this was confirmed as the two of them talked to each other.

Alexis decided to leave the young girl to her own devices, reaching for her bag and opening it to retrieve a book. As she opened the bag, she saw a small, well-made doll, it's dress carefully embroidered with beautiful flowers, hair made of leftover yarn, its eyes made of crystal-clear plastic beads.

“What on earth is this silly thing doing in my bag?” Alexis said to herself, confused, looking the doll over. She jumped slightly, hearing the young girls voice exclaim from behind her “That's it! That's my doll! What are you doing with it?” She made a face, saying “I didn't take it, if that is what you are implying. It must have gotten mixed in with my things somehow.” Alexis gave the doll to the young girl, saying “Here, have the silly thing, it is of no interest to me...”

While Alexis did not show it outwardly, she was a little surprised at how intently the young girl was inspecting the doll for any damage, in particular she was interested in an almost-invisible zipper that was neatly concealed along the back of the doll.

“Phew, it's ok...”, the girl said, before settling down into her seat quietly.

The flight progressed uneventfully, Alexis taking the opportunity to get some much-needed rest; some time later she was gently awoken by the young girl that had been sitting behind her. Her doll was held out in front of her “Can you please look after my doll for me for a moment? I need to use the bathroom and I don't want it to go missing again...”

Alexis gave a nod, taking it and setting it on her lap, the girl giving a smile before dashing off down the aisle, almost running into a stewardess. Taking a closer look at the doll, she again noticed the zipper that had been carefully concealed into the back of the doll; it was not a natural design feature, the zipper had been carefully concealed under a flap of cloth, obviously a hidden compartment.

She carefully worked the zipper open, curious what the doll had hidden inside it, though as she was about to take a look, a familiar voice rang out “What do you think you're doing with my doll?!” She jumped a little, caught off guard by the childs sudden return.

The girls eyes moved to the doll, where she could see that the hidden compartment had been discovered and opened, she looked at Alexis, a surprisingly mature and angry look on her face, she saying “What are you doing going through my things? Give my doll back to me!”

Alexis kept a firm grip on the doll, saying “Not so fast, you've clearly got something to hide, girl. Time to spill the beans.”

As the two of them fought over the doll, drawing the attention of nearby passengers and staff with their commotion, the plane suddenly jerked and bucked in the air, hitting a pocket of turbulence in it's flight path. The two girls were both thrown off balance, the doll going flying through the air, a small device falling from the hidden compartment. It landed in the middle of the aisle, beeping softly, a timer on the device counting down, showing 14:59... 58... 57...

Alexis reached down and scooped up the device, looking it over carefully, knowing it was far too small to be an explosive device powerful enough to do any sufficient damage, plus it looked far too technical. A piece of plastic in the device caught her eye; as she worked it out of the device, she discovered it was a small, but high capacity storage card.

A lady in a neat uniform, having watched the events unfold, showed a badge, revealing her status as a governmental agent, while her partner apprehended the young girl. Taking the device from Alexis, the lady examined it, before saying “This seems to be some kind of powerful transmitter. I am guessing that when the timer reached zero, it would have sent the data in this card to whoever it is programmed to send it to.

Alexis looked surprised at this revelation “But why would such important information be left in the hands of a girl who must be not more than seven years old?”

The female agent gave a slight smile, replying “Three reasons. Firstly, you can't tell me that you honestly thought she was a typical seven year old child, can you? We have been watching her for a while, she has shown intelligence far beyond her age. Secondly, who would suspect an 'innocent' seven year old girl would be capable of something like this? Lastly, who in their right mind would send a seven year old child on an overseas journey without a guardian?”

Alexis gave a nod, understanding the agents reasoning, looking at the young girl, who was putting up quite a surprisingly good fight for someone that was only a child, the agent that was restraining the child having numerous bite and scratch marks as a result of his attempts to secure the child.

As the flight came in to land, the authorities were ready and waiting, moving to apprehend the girl. Upon inspection of the files on the card, it was revealed that the card held a number of classified military documents, the girl being intended as a courier to get the beacon to a suitable transmission location.

Alexis watched as the girl was led away, smirking slightly as the girl twisted around to give her a hateful glare, yelling out in a rather immature tone “I HATE YOU, LADY!”

She then heard the ring of the intercom, letting her know that her next flight was ready to board; Alexis gave a groan, knowing she still had two more flights to catch before she could finally relax.

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