Off to visit the parents!

Well, this past weekend just gone I spent the weekend up at my parents place, had a mostly enjoyable time up there, spent most of the Saturday helping my parents with some tasks around their livestock blocks (and got a REALLY nasty case of sunburn/windburn as a result, most of the soreness has gone away, but the top of my ears apparently blistered and the skin has rubbed off, leaving them with a painful stinging sensation *cringe*)

On the Sunday I went to a Pony Club ribbon day with my parents and my 2 nieces (one being 5 years old, the other a little over 3), was fun, plus my older niece won 4 prize ribbons in some events, so she seemed to be happy - or at least she was not keen to leave, even at the end of the day when everyone was packing up to leave... As it is, she is off to school this week, she was due to start in the final couple of months of last year but she came down with chicken pox 2 weeks in, so she was out of school for the remainder of the term. I hope she has fun and makes lots of new friends.

Since Monday was a public holiday here in Auckland, I spent the day once again on the farm, though I spent as much of it indoors as I could since I was still in considerable pain from my burns, ended up helping Mum and Dad with a few odd jobs.

Sorry this post wasn't more 'interesting', but I guess 'fun' is in the eye of the beholder, I enjoyed spending the weekend with my family, even if I DID get a nasty sunburn out of it. I'll post something a little more eventful later, I'm off to bed now because I have errands to run in the morning which I REALLY need to get done ASAP.

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