Minor update: Commenting

After making some updates and tweaks to the site, I have re-enabled the ability to create accounts to comment on the site, however:

1. Accounts must be approved by site admin before any comments can be posted
2. Comments are subject to moderation (generally done within 24 hours)

I ask that people use names that are logical usernames, please avoid tacking on random numbers to the end of your username, this is something that is often done by bots and may result in your username being falsely flagged as a bot. If you think that your username is obscure enough that it may be mistaken for a bot, don't hesitate to send me an email and I'll make a note of it.

I apologise if this seems overly restrictive, but I have been burnt by bots in the past and am willing to put in the bit of time needed to ensure that my site is not besieged by bots.

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