Reignited spark

Well, I got an update today as to my progress on my Bachelor of Arts degree. Assuming that I do not screw up and flunk any papers next year or in Semester 1, 2015, I will be eligible for graduation with a major and double minors in December 2015!

Having heard that, I feel like my spark, my drive has been reignited. I know that the goal is within reach and as a result, it has given me a fresh drive to go that final distance to the goal.

My classes next year will definitely be interesting though, up until recently I actually had not decided on my second minor (a requirement for the Bachelor of Arts majoring in Creative Writing is that you either need to do a double major or do a single major with two minors - otherwise you simply don't have enough credits to be able to graduate) - after quite a bit of contemplation, I decided on psychology as my second minor.

Some of you may be wondering "Why do a minor in something like psychology when your major is creative writing?" I feel that it will be of benefit to me, since I enjoy writing stories that delve into someones psyche and their reasons behind what they do, their motivations for their choices. Learning about psychology will give me a deeper understanding of the human mind and how it works, as a result I can put that theory into use in my stories, plus if I find I PARTICULARLY enjoy it, there is always the option to further my studies further down the track when I can afford it and turn the minor into a major, giving me another qualification under my belt.

Due to a bit of a lack of feedback on Sphere of Eternity as of late, it is on a bit of a hiatus, instead I have been receiving quite a bit of interest in my idea about my new 'find your fate' novels, so due to the lower word count, I'm aiming to get my first novel online for purchase as soon as possible, allowing me to test the market and see what kind of demand there is for books of this type. If I find that they are as successful as I hope, I will then continue on the other books I have planned out, if not, I will likely still work on them, but at a slightly reduced pace.

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