Where to begin...

I apologise for the lack of content over the past week, particularly after I said I was going to try to maintain this on a regular basis, but to be honest I've had a hard time figuring out where to start.

So... I'm going to start on what is potentially a painful subject for me. I am a recovering World of Warcraft addict.

I first started playing World of Warcraft in March, 2005, having been drawn into playing by friends both locally and overseas. In the start I thought it was a decent game, but nothing to get incredibly hyped over. As time passed, I would get drawn further into the game until it got to the point where I was primarily working, sleeping and playing World of Warcraft. Thankfully I had enough sanity that I did not let myself get as bad as some of the Everquest addicts that you read about that lose their job, relationship and possibly even their home, I had a decent full time job driving buses that I enjoyed and was not about to give it up, particularly not over a hobby. But still, it took up a significant portion of my free time, the biggest drawcard was the fact that it was an inexpensive form of entertainment, I could pay the equivalent of around $17 a MONTH and be able to play whenever I wanted, compared to going out to the movies and coming out with little change out of $50 for a 2 and a half hour movie.

By far the biggest contributing factor to how much I played was the simple fact of my work schedule. I am a self professed night owl. I will not deny it. While some people go to bed around 9pm or 10pm, I went to bed around 3am or 4am. While I loved playing World of Warcraft, my second love was tinkering on the internet. I liked designing webpages - While I am nowhere near the grade of a professional who creates sites day in, day out for a living, I can make a respectable site with some time and effort (cheap plug: for an example of my work, pay a visit to http://almostevilminions.com and have a look) but I digress. My biggest issue was the simple fact that since I worked PM shifts I would often finish work around 10pm-11pm at night, meaning it was too late to go see a movie or go visit a random friend, so I figured there was no harm in playing World of Warcraft, and would play until the wee hours of the morning which I would finally go to bed around 4am and wake around midday.

In December 2010, I decided it was time for a change in careers. I had been driving buses for 5 and a quarter years and one of my old bosses was looking for a new full-timer since his current full time staff member was returning to university. Since he was willing to offer me a promotion and a pay raise to better what I was getting as a driver, I took him up on his offer.

It was around this time that I decided to start kicking the World of Warcraft habit, I wanted to try to have some semblence of a Social life. Over the course of my time working at my new job, I started weaning myself off playing World of Warcraft, though it was not incredibly difficult as I had started losing interest in the content.

As of today I rarely play, I might log on once a week if I am lucky, though my subscription will keep ticking over until october since I purchased an annual pass a couple of months back so I could get the free copy of Diablo III included with it. Granted I'm not a big Diablo fan, but I figure it is at least worth a look. Though with University looming on the horizon, my recreation time will likely be at an absolute minimum, I am going to be studying something I enjoy (Diploma in Japanese), so I plan on giving it my all so that when 2014 rolls around I can accept my diploma with pride.

I know this blog post seems a bit random and meanders around a bit, so when it comes down to it there is not really a "moral" as such to it, but if you wanted to make one, I'd have to say that it would be "Don't let games rule your life. As with everything else, MODERATION is key. Don't do it to excess."

Thankfully Blizzard have come to the party in this respect by making "parental controls" accessible for those who are paying for an account for their children to play, or those that simply need a bit of a helping hand to restrict their gaming time. You can set times that are permitted to log on (For example if you only wanted to be able to log on between 7pm and 10pm on weekdays to allow for studying and then as a treat all day saturday, you could set that kind of ruleset and the servers would block you from logging on outside those timeframes until you disabled the restrictions again.)

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