Ye Gads!

I am getting worse and worse at this. TWO WEEKS since my last update!

Anyway, I had my first Japanese 1A assessments last week and yesterday, I actually get my results back from 3 of the assessments today if all goes well, my final test for my first assessment is this afternoon which is reading and writing in Hiragana, so I'm hoping I won't do TOO terribly at that. I'm doing pretty well with the reading aspect, it's just the writing part I seem to have a little trouble coming to grips with. Ah well, it's all about persistance.

In Introduction to Intercultural Competence, the classes have definitely been interesting, though I need to keep up my efforts with my reflection blogs that I'm required to do each week, my lecturer was a bit disappointed with last weeks entry since it was a bit rushed.

I'm definitely enjoying my creative writing class. I've been talking to one of the advisors with regards to papers that are available for me to do, I'm considering the possibility of taking up what is known as the "Creative Writing Project" over the summer break plus 1 more paper in Semester 2 of next year, which will qualify me for a Minor degree in Creative Writing.

On a MAJOR negative note - I NEED TO FIND WORK! Seriously, if I don't find something in the next week or so, I'm in SERIOUS trouble. If anyone needs any website design work done or something along that line, let me know!

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