First week of uni...

Ok, so the post is a little later than intended, but my brain is at 100% (or close to it) so I might as well give the update I promised.

Anyhow, this week was my first week at University - Side note before I go any further, instead of doing Diploma in Japanese, I am now doing Bachelor of Arts (Majoring in Japanese language), so assuming I graduate in 3 and a half years time it will give me something to work with towards going to Japan mid-to-long term (For those who are unaware, to get certain long-term visas in Japan, as far as I am aware, you need to hold a bachelor or higher level university degree (So basically Bachelor, Postgraduate, Masters or Doctorate (PhD) )

First day was off to a bit of a rough start, I had an 8am lecture, so I was out of bed by a little after 6am, ended up catching the 6.45 bus to make sure I got into the city on time (Didn't want to risk there being a crash or anything like that), thankfully I got into the city without any major hassles. Japanese 1A went well, the teacher went over the basic curriculum and started us off on learning Hiragana, assigning us the first 10 characters (out of a total of 46) to memorise, as well as going over basic greetings with us.

Tuesday was more of the same, but a more reasonable start time, had a pop quiz on greetings, plus learned about numbers, phone numbers and time in Japanese.

Wednesday once again was more of the same but this time it was focussed largely on oral (spoken) Japanese and was mainly a revision session.

Thursday (today) was a MAJOR change from the previous days though, as instead of Japanese 1A, I had Introduction to Intercultural Competence (or ICC for short). The teacher threw us ALL for a loop by having another teacher come in and start jabbering away at us in Swedish (or was it deutsch? x_x), leaving some of us wondering if we had come into the wrong class by accident.

Not long afterwards the lecturer assured us that we were in fact in the correct room and that the earlier teacher had been intentional, as our lesson was to be on Culture clashes and culture shock. All in all it was an interesting class. Confusing as all hell but interesting.

Tomorrow I have my 3rd paper for this semester - Creative writing. Sadly the lecturer is off sick, so they are cutting the lecture down to a mere 1 hour and covering the bare basics, but I look forward to seeing what the class is going to be like. I hope that this class will help me a little with Sphere of Eternity, I might even be able to use it/part of it as a basis for one of my assessments.

Just a little forewarning, as time progresses and I start gaining a concrete knowledge of Japanese, to test myself I will be writing my blog posts in both Japanese AND english, so don't be too surprised when you see posts come up in what may seem like gibberish to you, or maybe even come up as nothing but lines of boxes (if that happens it means you do not have the Japanese language pack installed on your computer.)

Anywho, now it is time for me to organise FOOOOOOOOOOOD! Ja ne for now!

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