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Glen's Space is now open!

I've got a new site up and running, that I intend to use as a sister site to this one, a portfolio of sorts where I can put up fast writes, character creations and other stuff as I dream it up. Updates on the new site will be somewhat sporadic since it all comes down to the whims of my imagination and what obligations I have at the time.

Head on over to and check it out (though sadly there is not much content just yet since I'm still transferring everything there - that will change though!!)

Back to University

Well, as of Monday, the new semester started, things have certainly gotten off to a fairly busy start between my lectures and my part time jobs, I'm determined to give my utmost though with less than 18 months left until I qualify for graduation, assuming that I pass all my papers between now and June next year.

Creativity ho!

Lately I've been going through a bit of a creative phase, trying different craftworks, looking for things that particularly appeal to me and that I can learn more about and develop my skills further on.

Being a "nice guy" vs being a "good guy"

For this entry, I'm going to touch on another topic that seems to pop up across social media quite a bit lately - "the lament of the nice guy", or "Nice Guy Syndrome" as I call it.

No doubt many of you have heard the saying "Nice Guys finish last", with a fair bit of argument and counter argument. Personally, yes I believe that "Nice Guys" have a bit of a rough ride - This is largely their own fault however - GOOD guys however tend to be a little more successful in their endeavours.

Musings of an ex-bus-driver

Well, first of all, Happy New Year and all that good stuff, I hope everyone out there had an enjoyable Christmas with their family and loved ones and if they have already had their New Year Celebrations, that they did not go overboard indulging in the usual things that go on during such events.

Contemplation and Reflection: Part 2

As mentioned in my last entry, this part will be focussed around my musings about my progress in my academic studies and my future goals.

Originally, when I started my course roughly 2 years ago now, I entered into studies with the intention of majoring in Japanese and minoring in creative writing. However, during that first semester, I found that Creative Writing was far more appealing to me than my Japanese papers and I was getting more absorbed in the activities in my writing-related courses than I was in my Japanese ones.

Contemplation and Reflection: Part 1

I figured it is time I make an update with a little personal reflection over the past 12 months, with Christmas and New Year steadily approaching. This will be a multi-part blog, each part focussing on a different topic. This part will focus on the fact that yesterday was a special occasion for me and my girlfriend Natalie - it marked one year since we officially became an 'item' and explaining a little about how things came to be (without going into too much detail for reasons that will remain personal to me and Natalie.)

Minor update: Commenting

After making some updates and tweaks to the site, I have re-enabled the ability to create accounts to comment on the site, however:

1. Accounts must be approved by site admin before any comments can be posted
2. Comments are subject to moderation (generally done within 24 hours)

Time for an update

Well, I've gotten my results back for my main university papers for the semester, thankfully they have all been good results.

Japanese Religion and the Samurai: A-
Creative Writing: B+
Undergraduate Writing: B+

With those out of the way, now I get a bit of downtime to prepare for next semester. Assuming I don't screw up over the next 3 semesters, I will be ready to graduate in December 2015. Then I will just need to decide what I am going to do after that >_>


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