Pokemon Go - My 2 copper (Part 1)

Never thought that I'd be spending my birthday writing up something like this, but today has been fairly quiet, so here goes.

Ok, so there has been a lot of media attention on the Pokemon Go phenomenon that has been sweeping the globe over the past week or so - and it has not even been released in all major countries yet. To my knowledge, as of the time of this entry, Japan still does not have it (kind of surprising in and of itself) and China will probably not get it for some time due to Google being blocked by the Great Firewall of China.

Glen's Space is now open!

I've got a new site up and running, that I intend to use as a sister site to this one, a portfolio of sorts where I can put up fast writes, character creations and other stuff as I dream it up. Updates on the new site will be somewhat sporadic since it all comes down to the whims of my imagination and what obligations I have at the time.

Head on over to http://glens.space and check it out (though sadly there is not much content just yet since I'm still transferring everything there - that will change though!!)

End of Semester and planning for the future...

Well, the semester is pretty much officially over (though I have summer school starting on the 24th...) then I have one more semester left, which if I pass, I will be eligible to graduate and claim my Bachelor of Arts degree. As such, I've been doing more than a little bit of pondering over the past couple of weeks about what my future will be after I graduate.

A little grumbling on my part...

Slightly more personal grump, this one related to my writing projects - I realise that people have other things going on, but I must admit it does get a little irritating when someone says to me that they will proofread my work or give me some feedback or something like that and then when I give them a verbal nudge asking for their feedback/proofread response, they simply say they never got around to it.

Writers Block

As you are all aware by this point, my main point of study at university at the moment is creative writing. This semester, in one of my papers, I have to create a short video using a smartphone device, my theme is going to be Creative Writing obviously, but I'm going to be looking at two key points - "Windows into another world" and "Writers Block"

Back to University

Well, as of Monday, the new semester started, things have certainly gotten off to a fairly busy start between my lectures and my part time jobs, I'm determined to give my utmost though with less than 18 months left until I qualify for graduation, assuming that I pass all my papers between now and June next year.

Fastwrite: Adventure in Flight

This fastwrite was done using a rather unusual method - I had a group of people on a messageboard I frequent each give me one element of a story to work with, then once I had the 5 main elements, I had to do a fastwrite with the material I had been given.

These were the elements given to me:

Quietness and Boredom

I never thought I'd be yearning for the return back to University. At this point in time I am still a little over 2 weeks away from the start of semester and it has gotten past the point where it is boring, into the point where it is simply tedious.

Creativity ho!

Lately I've been going through a bit of a creative phase, trying different craftworks, looking for things that particularly appeal to me and that I can learn more about and develop my skills further on.


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